A Versatile Blogger Am I

It is with many thanks and loads of gratitude that I serve up a warm (and very belated) helping of thanks to Annlyel Online for sending me a Versatile Blogger Award!  

I’ll be the first to admit that 2018 has not been my best blogging year, so it’s incredibly nice to see that someone thinks otherwise. 🙂 (I am my own worst critic, of course.) But nevermind my surely charming self-deprecation, because I believe that I have to get on with some rules, as it is how these things go.

Rule 1: Thank Whoever It Is That Nominates You

That’s taken care of, but I’ll just go ahead and send another thank-you to Annlyel Online! She has a fantastic blog that all about movies, Star Wars, Disney, and other pop culture things (that especially relate to film.) If you’re not following her already, why not give it a go? Be kind, rewind! Err…wait, no…that’s not right…

Rule 2: Link Your Nominator’s Blog

Link done, twice! But third time’s a charm.

Rule 3: List 7 Seven Fun Facts About Yourself

Okay…fun facts…fun facts…uh…hmmmm.

How about this? Let’s see if I can’t the stir the Internet pot a little.

1. I am pro-pineapple on pizza. It is sweet and delicious.

2. I am anti-avocado toast. What a waste of good avocados.

3. I am pro-Oxford comma. Do not make me cause a fracas, scuffle, or rumpus over this.

4. I am anti-Fortnite. I do not understand the appeal, and I don’t care to.

5. I am pro-Kylo Ren’s pants. At least he was wearing pants.

6. I am anti-Tide pods in all regards. Just pour your fucking laundry detergent like a goddamn adult.

7. I am null on Gritty. I grew up watching the Phanatic, so…I really can’t comment on terrible sports mascots.

There is a fourth rule here, and it’s to nominate another fifteen bloggers for the award, but I’m afraid the buck stops here today. Instead, why not regale the comment sections with your own thoughts on Internet “controversies” and memes and what-not. 2018 seems to have been a “good” year for such nonsense, and surely 2019 won’t be any different.

Speaking of which, may your 2019 be filled with all the things that make you happy. Let’s all do what we can to make a year to remember…in a good way. 🤗


  1. I’ve earned this blog award before. It’s a great honor. You have such a way with words and your sense of humor is amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks on both counts! 2018 was kind of a cruddy year, so this was a nice surprise. I’m hopeful that 2019 will provide me with a little more time to spread the blog love around. 🙂


      • You’re welcome. 2018 was shitty for me too. Made some terrible mistakes LOL what is success without failure to compare it to? Keep up the good work!

        Liked by 1 person

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