First Impressions of Red Dead Redemption II

I’ve been waiting for Red Dead Redemption II for a LONG time (along with everyone else). And now that I have it, what do I think? So glad you asked! See here on Virtual Bastion for first thoughts on my new adventures in the Old West.


Last week, the week that marked the release of Red Dead Redemption II, one of the most anticipated games of the year, I tried my darndest to stay away from spoilers. I had seen all I needed to know from Rockstar’s trailers and gameplay teasers. But between the “100-hour work weeks” controversy surrounding Rockstar and the way the Internet works generally, it was a futile venture. By the time I actually started up the game for myself late Friday night, I knew that critics had raved, almost unanimously so, that RDRII was a masterpiece, a perfect game, a game unlike any of Rockstar’s previous output and distinct from all other games of this generation. I also knew that players felt both the same and, well…otherwise. I really shouldn’t have taken that quick glance at my Twitter feed before I started playing, but what else was I supposed to do…

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