Rare Scares: Manic Mine Carts in Donkey Kong Country

In my next “Rare Scares” post for Virtual Bastion, I talked about one of the most (if not THE most) treacherous modes of transportation around…MINE CARTS. Specifically, the mine cart runs featured in Donkey Kong Country, which seem so out-of-place in this otherwise idyllic game.


What do you remember most about the Donkey Kong Country games? Their graphics? Collecting bananas? The sheer fun of just playing them? All valid answers. One thing from Donkey Kong Country that has forever shaped my memory is the dreaded mine cart, along with the somewhat sinister music that accompanied said questionable modes of transportation.

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One comment

  1. The mine cart levels made me rage quit so many times. One thing that frustrates me about platformers are parts were one mistake equals insta-death.


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