Rare Scares: Spinal from Killer Instinct Gold

This month on Virtual Bastion, we’re celebrating “Rare Scares!” Each week, Hatm0nster, The Duck, and I will be featuring our favorite spooky characters and eerie moments from classic, and not-so-classic Rare games. In my first post for the event, I discussed my favorite Killer Instinct character, who just happens to be a skeleton. It’s…SPINAL!


With spooky times on my mind, I’m thrilled to offer up my first “Rare Scares” post of the month! And I’m going to start things off by featuring a fearful figure from Rare’s frenetically fun fighting game, Killer Instinct. My time with this fantastic franchise began back in the mid-1990s with Killer Instinct Gold on the Nintendo 64. It was a mildly odd but incredibly enjoyable fighting game, one at which I excelled with one character in particular:


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  1. Spinal is one of my favorite fighters in Killer Instinct :). I find him more funny than spooky. I love the way he runs! I can’t think of anyone I think is spooky at the moment because I haven’t had my morning coffee yet.

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    • I think it’s his glowing, red eyes that creep me out the most. But you’re right, he is a very amusing to watch in action, kind of gangly, yet somehow also very coordinated, for a skeleton. 😀

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