Resonance: Divine Beast Vah Naboris Battle

Seriously, is there anything The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ISN’T good at? In this Virtual Bastion post, I touched upon its brilliant musicality through one song, one song from an unmissable soundtrack.


Folks, I’m smitten! I thought that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was great purely from a gaming standpoint, but oh, its soundtrack has me over the moon! It’s…it’s…simply wonderful!

Alright, enough with the gushing. But truly, Breath of the Wild is most definitely my most favorite soundtrack of the moment. I’ve said often enough that I tend to ignore game music until after the fact. (Playing alone takes enough concentration!) And yet, in Breath of the Wild, the soundtrack is unmissable. Every time I enter a new area or battle a new foe, I’m treated to something different musically. The wealth of sounds in the game is astounding and inspiring. The BotW song that’s currently earwormed itself into my brain is the Divine Beat Vah Naboris battle theme, the one that played when Link, with Gerudo Chief Riju’s help, first attacked the beat to subdue it.

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