Is Xbox All Access a Game-Changer?

Huh. So that news about Xbox All Access kinda came and went, didn’t it? Well, what with all the Spider-Manning and such, I suppose that’s the way things go. Still, it seems like an interesting program that Microsoft has cooked up, so I offered up a few thoughts on it recently on Virtual Bastion.


Image © Microsoft

Taking a potentially bold step forward, Microsoft recently announced Xbox All Access. Signing up for the two-year, monthly payment program will not only get you a brand new Xbox – the Xbox One S or Xbox One X – but also two years of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. There’s a nice breakdown on Venture Beat that lists out the particulars cost-wise, and most importantly, you keep what you’re paying for. This isn’t some sort of shady lease deal. Make your payments, and at the end of two years, the console is all yours. (Granted, you’d then have to re-subscribe to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass, but only if you wanted to.) Looking solely at the numbers, it’s not a bad deal — $22/month for the Xbox one S and $35/month for the Xbox One X. That’s certainly in line with, if not…

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