Persona 3 Portable: Final update

Persona 3 Portable is done! Yes, after several months with the title, my time with the game is finally over. And as with so many endings, saying goodbye is bittersweet. See how things went down in the final throes of the Dark Hour in my final update on Virtual Bastion.


When I first started playing Person 3 Portable late last year, I had no idea of what laid ahead.

I tried, and failed at the original Shim Megami Tensei. But it was interesting, nonetheless. I remember being highly intrigued by Persona 4 and even more so by Persona 5.  After playing a teensy bit of Persona 4 for myself and missing the gist of what was going on, I knew that I needed a more stable base in place before tackling it. Persona 3 Portable seemed like the perfect place to start, both for that reason and because I needed something mobile to play on my daily commute. I figured I’d find something enjoyable in the title, as with any game, and that something exciting would come of the journey. What I truly didn’t expect is how emotional that journey would turn out to be.

110 hours and…

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