Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption II’s first gameplay video

With Red Dead Redemption II’s release a mere two months away, I’m getting more excited by the minute! Yes, yes, Spider-Man this and Spider-Man that… Don’t get me wrong, I like that wise-cracking, web-slinging hero as much as anyone, but the open plains with a six-shooter at my side is where I want to be, as I note among my notes on RDRII’s newest gameplay trailer, here on Virtual Bastion.


When it comes to new games I really want to play, I often start avoiding news, trailers, etc. a couple months before release. I like to be as surprised as possible once I load up my new experience. But with Red Dead Redemption II, the excitement I feel is far too palpable for me to ignore, so give in I must!  With a little over two months to go until the game descends upon the masses, Rockstar recently treated its fans to the game’s first gameplay video. And hoo boy, it does indeed look like this game is going to be something special. As my own schedule has been as skittery as a fly on a hot plate this past week, I’ve only just gotten to sit down and take in everything the video has on offer.  Take a gander here yourself if you’ve not already; my thoughts follow.

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