Are We All Ready for Uncharted: The Movie?

Talk of a live-action Uncharted movie has been around since practically the first game. But now that we’ve gotten a taste, thanks to a short by Allan Unger, featuring Nathan Fillion, are we ready? Are we all really for an Uncharted movie? (See my own response here on Virtual Bastion.)


Earlier this week, writer and director Allen Ungar released a short, live action (and non-monetized) film based on highly popular Uncharted video game series. Naturally, the film is  titled “Uncharted.” Fans of the games will immediately recognize our hero Drake (Nathan Fillion), his mentor/look-out Sully (Stephen Lang), and, if briefly, Drake’s plus-one, Elena (Mircea Monroe). As usual, Drake, that rascally thief, finds himself in a sticky situation, one that requires him to punch, kick, and shoot his way to freedom. Why, you ask? As it always is, the reason is treasure, and history…but mostly treasure. If you’ve not see the video, it’s worth a watch (or three).

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