Special and Collector’s Editions: What Makes You Want to Upgrade?

When it comes to the games we love, what’s the driving force behind getting special or collector’s editions of them? Is it simply that we want to show our love by spending more money? Is it a fear of missing out on something that will give one an edge up? Is it all that and more? Taking cues from the recent announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 game upgrades, this I recently pondered on Virtual Bastion.


Last month Rockstar Games announced its special and ultimate editions of Red Dead Redemption 2. If spending your standard sixty dollars on the regular game isn’t enough, for eighty bucks you can get the special edition that includes a side mission that’s not in the regular game (and one that’s not integral to its story, so says the company) and some freebies – an actual map, a fancy horse, a cool outfit, some special weapons, and other bonuses. Tack on another twenty dollars and you can get yourself the ultimate edition, which includes all the special edition content and even more extra online content. And hey, if you’ve got even more change to spare, you can get the RDR2 collector’s box. No game included, but rather it contains a host of fun RDR2-themed goodies, like playing cards and a puzzle. 

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  1. It depends on what comes with the special edition. The Fallout 76 special edition is a must have for me because I’m a hardcore Fallout fan and because I want that helmet :).

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    • Oh man, that helmet does look pretty awesome, right? I mean, if you’re going to go big, then go goddamn BIG! 😀 There’s no denying that fandom plays a huge role in the output and obtaining of special game editions and such. If I was more into the collectibles side of Red Dead Redemption, I’d be all over that collector’s box. Some of the stuff in it just seems kinda cool.

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