30VGC: Days 15 and 16 – Current Screenshot and Best Cut Scenes

To know me is to know that I love my yearly series, and here’s a new a one! This year I’m taking on the 30-Day Video Game Challenge (30VGC). Though, actually, it’s going to be more like the 26-Week Video Game Challenge, since I’ll only be covering two or three topics from the challenge each month. You can check out my intended schedule in this post. With that, it’s game on!

A screenshot from a game that I’m currently playing is:


Such a good game. Loveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveit

My pick for the game with the best cutscenes is Horizon: Zero Dawn.

From the game’s DLC, The Frozen Wilds

Okay, look. I know what you’re thinking.

Um…rather… I know what I’m thinking, which equates to what kind of bullshit answer is that?? You’ve haven’t even played the game!!

That is very true. But, I still think I have a case to make, because I watched my husband play through nearly the entire thing (except for the very end, because I do actually want to play it for myself at some point). And to be honest, of all the games that are currently stored in my present and recent memory banks, nothing quite sticks out like the images I have of watching Aloy’s story of internal and external discovery unfold in a most magnificent fashion. Aside from the game’s amazing scenery, what I remember most is watching Aloy’s face, her eyes, and the way she emoted. She’s just such a brilliant and gifted character, I could easily watch a movie centered around her. And I suppose I could in one of those cutscene movies that people like to make. I’ve seen a number of very good games being played on current gen systems, through my own eyes and others’, but nothing compares in heft and breadth to Horizon: Zero Dawn’s inner cinematics.

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