Dashing off some words about Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I wouldn’t say that I enjoy being late to the party all the time, but let’s face it. These days, with lots of pop culture things and stuff, if you’re not ready to go out the gate, it’s all too easy to just sit there and wait until the race is over. And then, before you know it, everyone’s gone home and the lights are out.  This is all to say that I’ve pretty much been in the dark about Star Wars: The Last Jedi since it was released late last year. Oh, I’ve read bits about it here and there, and recently, my oft-ignored Twitter feed was abuzz over Star-Warsian news such as the harassment of various actors in the film and that “fan remake” fiasco. (Ah, the world of today.) But up until the moment that I finally watched it this past weekend, I couldn’t have told you much about it. But now that I’ve seen it, I now have a few things to say, so on with the bullets! (In no particular order, and with spoilers.)

  • I found The Last Jedi to be thoroughly entertaining, as well as surprising, in a number of ways. I will well admit that I no longer carry the intense joy for Star Wars that I once did, and this movie didn’t change that. Of the newer movies, sans the prequels, I liked this one more than The Force Awakens but not as much as Rogue One. (I have yet to see Solo.)
  • This really could have been two movies, one exploring the Rebels vs. the Empire, the other all about the Jedi and the force, Kylo Ren, Rey, and Luke. Some of the Rebels-fleeing-for-their-lives scenes, certainly important in the grand scheme of all things Star Wars, felt unnecessarily protracted and came at the expense of the philosophical and more interesting Jedi story. (i.e. this is no The Empire Strike Back.)
  • BB-8 remains one of the few things in life that can still put a smile on my grizzled face. Well, him and R2-D2.
  • Neither hated nor liked the Porgs.
  • There was far too little Chewbacca for my taste. It felt like he was in the movie for all of two minutes, and the Millennium Falcon was in it for, like 30 seconds less.
  • But maybe I missed something?
  • So…I’m not sure how to put this, but for much of the movie I was…distracted(?) by Carrie Fisher. Not at all in a bad way, but I honestly don’t think that her actual death had resonated with me personally until I saw her as Leia…for the final time. As the movie when on, I kept coming back to the notion that we’d never again see her in another Star Wars movie, and no kidding, it almost brought me to tears during some of her later scenes. Particularly poignant was the inclusion of her holographic message to Obi-Wan Kenobi from A New Hope.  *sniffles*
  • Speaking of death, Luke’s was quite fitting. (I had only caught wind that he “died” in the movie, but I didn’t know that the character died.) His scene with Kylo Ren on Crait proved to me two things: that Luke is a Jedi master and that Kylo Ren remains hotheaded and undisciplined. He’s no sith lord…yet.
  • Took me a minute to get used to those “connection” scenes between Kylo Ren and Rey. Part of me almost wished that Rey had been more tempted by the dark side than she was. Her journey back to the light could have made for an interesting story of redemption. But, I get it. It’s Star Wars. It’s just too bad that her own semi-exploration of the not-so-great side of the force somehow managed to be both on-the-nose and oblique at the same time.
  • No qualms concerning Rey’s training and evolution. She and Luke had some fun scenes together, and sure, the throwback to rock-lifting was a nice touch. I do want to see more between her and Kylo Ren. They possess an odd sort of charisma together, even when they’re dueling.
  • I’m on the fence about Poe. He was a non-issue for me in The Force Awakens, and even though he had a much larger role here, he’s still just a “brash Rebel pilot” in my mind.
  • I adored Finn and Rose. Their interactions, though perhaps a bit “force”-d (Star Wars humor), were really cute. Have to admit that they kinda lost me on that planet…what was it called…the one with all the fancy gamblers and Benicio Del Toro? Yeah, that one. But I’d totally be down for a Finn and Rose story of their own.
  • Also, that bit part Del Toro had was pretty good, but with the way he mumble-acted his way through, all I could think of was “he’ll flip ya” over and over.
  • Hello Captain Phasma! And…goodbye.
  • Hello Laura Dern with whimsical purple hair! And…goodbye.
  • And so long Snoke. He was really well-acted, but he was nowhere near as charismatic as the Emperor.
  • Those new AT-ATs that the Empire had were pretty cool. They looked kinda like mechanical versions of big cats crossed with apes. In fact, all the new ships and stuff were pretty cool. Except for those landspeeder things they had on Crait. Reminded me too much of the pod racers. (Ugh.)
  • That dude in charge of all the bad guys, the one with the sideburns and cloak? How the hell he made it up the ranks, I’ll never know. I’m all for British melodramatics, but he was just a little too corny.
  • Oh, seeing old-school Yoda with Luke again! That was another really poignant moment, one that tugged on the ol’ heartstrings of nostalgia.
  • Disguising BB-8 in an Empire-designed trash can was pretty damn funny.
  • Can we just have a BB-8 movie and be done with it? Just 90 minutes of him interacting and reacting to the world. That’s all I need.
  • When exactly did Rey rescue all the Jedi books from that tree?
  • And how exactly did Poe become the hero?
  • Once again, I think I missed much of the movie over an unexpected pining for Leia.
  • Yeah, I really do miss her. And Han, now.
  • {sigh}
  • {more sighs}
  • *Googles “Star Wars” in an attempt to get back on track*
  • Huh, a lot of the new Star Wars memes will make a whole lot more sense now. Not that many of them are all that amusing.
  • Not that many memes are amusing. Most are just, kinda…there. Many funny the first time and completely unfunny the next million times.
  • Fuckin’-a, man, the Internet. One of mankind’s greatest and most dismal creations of the past two, going on three, decades.
  • Think I’ll just go watch The Last Jedi again.
  • And maybe The Empire Strikes Back, too.



  1. I mostly enjoyed it too, for many of the reasons you go into. Solo was massively disappointing – the biggest dud so far (by a long way) since Disney to over the franchise.

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    • Yeah, I’ve heard that Solo wasn’t very good. I’m waiting until it’s freely available to watch and make my own call. 🙂


  2. I am glad you liked it. It is good to read a positive reaction to the movie amidst to much exaggerated drama over “the ruining of the franchise”. I mean, people are allowed not to like the film, but acting as if a movie is the biggest disgrace to ever be produced by the human race is a bit too much.

    I went to the theater and, like you, I was entertained by a plot that, although not perfect, held a lot of nice surprises.

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    • I have to admit that while watching the movie, I kept waiting for something to jar my “Star Wars sensibilities,” something that would clue me into why it received so much hate…but I honestly came out with few complaints. It was an entertaining movie and a good Star Wars film. And I’m definitely curious to see how things will be wrapped up in episode 9.

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