Resonance: Tartarus

June is Resonance month on Virtual Bastion! And that means we’re celebrating great game music all month long. In my first entry here, I cover an interesting and evolving background track from Persona 3 Portable.


In case anyone was wondering, I’m still playing Persona 3 Portable.


Well, I am. And let me tell you, it’s pretty darn enthralling. I understand that later games in the series do everything Persona-y better, which is fair. At times, P3P has felt repetitive. But even though you’re essentially playing “wash, rinse, repeat” with everything from general battles to school-time interactions, each iteration feels fresh. Finding and developing your arcanas is pretty much the same process, but the story of each person from whom those arcanas rise is completely different. And you do have some choice in maneuvering your interactions with those people, from being nice to being sarcastic to being uninterested.

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