And We All Shine On

How nice it is to have recently received a shoutout from within the blogosphere; in this case, a Sunshine Blogger Award nomination from Red Metal, proprietor of Extra Life. (Now there’s a game review site worth your time!) My thanks to Red Metal, whose writings have provided me with plenty of good reads and inspiration. And things generally go with these awards, there’s usually some task put upon the nominee, which in this case takes the form of eleven intriguing questions posed by the nominator. They are as follows, with answers, of course.

1. What is the dumbest competition you ever got in with your friends?

This one time (at band camp…) my friends and I thought it’d be cool to see who could come up with the most alcoholic shot that still tasted good. That last part is key, because anyone can figure out a way to cram seven or seventeen liquors into a shot glass, but that it doesn’t mean the resulting concoction is going to be drinkable. I wish I could say who won but…I honestly don’t remember… … …

2. If you could form a band, which genre of music would you end up playing?

In all my years, I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve ever been faced with this question. I’ve never wanted to be in a band or perform music in that manner, so…hell if I know. One of my current fav bands is Zero 7, so maybe forming a group in the realm of chill, downtempo, trip hop — something like that — would be alright.

3. What is the first film you ever watched in theaters?

Return of the Jedi. Went with my dad and, I think, my younger sister. Fell in love with the Ewoks and never looked back.

4. What is the oldest film you’ve watched all the way through?

“All the way through” is quite the interesting qualifier, because I can think of tons of old movies that I’ve only partially seen. So with that, it’d be It Happened One Night from 1934. A brilliant and risqué (for its time) comedic vehicle. One of Clarke Gable’s best.

5. Have you ever fallen asleep watching a film before?

Ha! I could put “expert at falling asleep during movies” as a skill on my resume! I will say that I’ve never fallen asleep at a movie theatre, but at home, much to my husband’s chagrin, it happens all the time. Like, All. The. Time.

6. What is your personal record for most number of films watched in a day?

Three, I guess? I’ve never been the biggest film buff, but there was a time when I regularly spent weekends watching Star Wars and Indiana Jones — the original three movies in each case.

7. What is the single most heretical opinion you hold when it comes to video games?

Achievements are worthless.

8. What is your proudest achievement playing a game?

See above.

Oh wait, you mean, like, an achievement. Not sure it it counts, but completing my first actual Let’s Play for Virtual Bastion was pretty cool. The game was Sam & Max Hit the Road. There’s nothing like recording one’s own gameplay for the Internet to make one feel nervous, stupid, and slightly manic all at once. (Honestly, I don’t know how people do it for a living. I s’pose I’m just not that good at games, haha.) It helped that I knew Hit the Road pretty well. From it I gained enough courage to then take on a full playthrough of Yoshi’s Woolly World, which I hardly knew as well. YWW was challenging, to be sure, and I’m glad to have my awful gaming skillz on display for the world…I guess? (Shameless plug: I’ve been working hard on a new Let’s Play for Virtual Bastion. Keep your eye on on VB’s YT channel come next month!)

9. What do you believe to be one of the few advantages that gaming critics have over film critics?

Really, I can’t think of a single one. Because (imho) critiquing a game is more difficult than critiquing a film. And the output isn’t shit upon any less (by the Internet) than it can be with films. I’d like to think that spending time with games is the reward itself, but there’s really no advantage to that. Perhaps there’s something in getting to be part of the constantly shifting landscape of games. Like, a film is a film is a film. But the definition of a “game” is changing rapidly these days, and game critics are experiencing that first-hand. That seems as exciting as it would be frustrating, but still.

10. Have you ever binge-watched a show?

Oh sure. My most recent binge-watches have included all those Marvel shows over on Netflix – Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and such. Back in the day when cable channels like MTV and VH1 used to run weekend marathons of various shows, especially Real World and Where Are They Now?, my friends and I would tune in and tune out everything else.

11. Do you follow any webcomics?

Not regularly anymore. I used to avidly follow Joe Cartoon and Oddtodd, and I try to remember to check out The Oatmeal when I can.

My thanks again to Red Metal for the nod here. I can only hope that my command of the English language helped my answer truly soar into the…depths…of… Wait. I mean to the heights of…something or other. Yeah, y’know. That.

So, I s’pose that since I can’t recall the last time I passed along one of these awards, I might as well go ahead and do what I can. I hereby nominate a few old friends and some new acquaintances:

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The Duck of Indeed
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Reaper Interactive
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The Otaku Judge

Rather than go with a bunch of questions, let’s play the “deserted island” game! Since I don’t want to pigeonhole folks into only having to write about games, I’ll open this up everyone’s preferential choice of entertainment that one would most like to have on said deserted island. So, my dear nominees, feel free to pick from games, movies, music albums, TV shows, books, anime, etc…whatever floats your boat. (Though not literally, y’know, deserted island and all, haha.) The question to answer therefore is:

You are stranded on a deserted island. Choose 5-10 instances of the same type of entertainment that you would like to have to pass the time until help arrives. (Assume that no matter what, you magically have whatever TVs, cable outlets, game consoles, movie players, music players, etc. that you might need.)


  1. Ah, thanks! I’m flattered you’ve been enjoying my writings that much.

    Is it reasonable to assume that nobody remembers who won that competition?

    That’s cool! I myself have some albums in those genres such as Moon Safari by Air and Dummy by Portishead, so I can fully get behind forming a band like those.

    For me, that would be Blank Check. It fell into obscurity as an uninspired Home Alone rip-off, and that’s for the best.

    I’ve been watching a lot of classic films lately, so I am interested in checking out It Happened One Night now. The oldest film I’ve seen predates it by three years: M by Fritz Lang. It was an incredibly forward-looking film about a hunt for a serial killer who targeted children on the streets of Berlin.

    I had a few near-misses, but otherwise I haven’t. I did once fall asleep at school during a boring guest speaker’s monologue.

    I have to agree; for me, a game is over when I see the credits roll.

    I have never done a Let’s Play, but I can appreciate the amount of effort it takes to make one. The LP Archive in particular has a lot of great ones.

    To be fair, I don’t think they really have that many material advantages over film critics either. I want to say one of the very few ways in which they can claim to be better is that they have fewer problems elevating something like Portal 2 to Game of the Year status. In any other medium, a sci-fi comedy game would have no chance of winning such a equivalent award.

    Haven’t watched Daredevil, but I’ve heard great things about it; I will look into that at some point.

    I did follow Penny Arcade for awhile, but I kind of just stopped. I couldn’t really say why; I just lost interest organically.

    I’m glad you enjoyed answering these questions!

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    • Just want to give an extra thumbs up to It Happened One Night. But it’s gotta be watched with an eye of tolerance. Modern lights shine harshly on Gable’s treatment of Colbert (and vice versa, frankly), but their acting is perfectly sublime.

      Also…that drinking “contest?” Only a couple of us kinda, sorta recall it actually taking place. But it did, I swear! …I think. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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