Fable 3…yeah, it’s still not great

With this Virtual Bastion post, I’m pretty sure that the title speaks for itself. If/when Fable 4 comes to pass, it’s bound to be a masterpiece when compared to this.


Welp, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. After writing that piece I published here a few weeks ago about the possibility of Fable 4, my curiosity got the better of me.

I simply had to play Fable 3.

I know, I could hardly believe it either. Last year I took time out to revisit both Fable (in the form of Fable Anniversary) and Fable 2 — both outings proved very successful. Though neither game is quite as spectacular as they were hyped to be, both remain solid RPGs that offer up some relatively enjoyable gameplay.

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  1. The thing I’ve heard about Fable 3 is that it’s not really a bad game as much as it is a poorly executed one. The moral dilemma in particular sounds like a really good piece of storytelling, but the implementation leaves a bit to be desired if it turns out your choice doesn’t really matter. Then again, I’ve also heard that many Lionhead Studios games have had difficulties standing the test of time.

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    • That’s precisely it. The game’s not broken or unplayable, and as I said, it’s actually quite okay during it’s first half. But the execution of the game’s two halves leaves much to be desired. And really, the RPGing that exists in the game’s first half is much better done in Fable 2, so…

      I’d agree that Fable 1 and 2, at least, haven’t aged as well as some games, but the first one remains a solid and simple RPG, one that’s especially good for someone new to the genre.

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