Top 5: Favorite Games Played in 2017

For some, 2017 is gaming was all about robot dinosaurs, Mario’s haberdashery escapades, and having a cup for a head. For me, it was mostly about playing a grand game of “clearing out the backlog.” In this Virtual Bastion post, I counted off five fav games that made the grade.


Though both Listmas and 2017 are over, it doesn’t mean that I can’t still reflect on the recently-passed year in list form. As low as the year might have been generally, it was a high point for me with games, particularly games that had been sitting in my backlog. True that I spent much of the of the year replaying a number of key (ahem, BioWare) titles, but I also found time to sink my teeth into titles that, while not new, were new to me. So off we go here with five of my favorite not-new games that I played last year, presented here in “award” form, just for fun!

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  1. The Oscars would be more entertaining if they gave out those kind of awards. My fave games of 2017 were Persona 5 and Danganronpa V3.

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    • The Oscars would be even more entertaining if they were for games and not movies! But I digress…

      So I had the Danganronpa games in my sites, namely Trigger Happy Havoc, but then I had to go and start Persona 3 Portable. I have a feeling though that I will need something more chill after it, so maybe THH will fit the bill. Maybe?

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