Listmas 2017: Four Suggestions for the Next Fallout Locale

Aaaah, it’s good to be back! Of course, being back in the ol’ blogosphere comes with it’s own set of of challenges, the most seemingly insurmountable one being catching up! While I start checking out all the awesome writing I missed, I offer you here something to check out from Virtual Bastion: my Listmas list of four spots that I think would be great to see in the next Fallout title.


Practically on the tails of the release of Fallout 4, everyone started wondering about the setting of the series’ next installment. It seems likely that we’ll see Fallout 5 someday (maybe), and last year, it further appeared that things might be headed to New Orleans. But those rumors proved false (though a small question mark remains). Still, it’s fun to dream, right? Fallout has covered some major territories, from New England, to the nation’s capital, to Texas, to Nevada. Bethesda’s visions of post-apocalyptic metropolises never fail to amaze, and there are plenty more that could stand to be razed and rebuilt in a similar manner. With that in mind I present for my next Listmas list: my top four locations suggestion for the next Fallout game.

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  1. Fallout 2 did partially take place in southern Oregon, so one that takes place in the Pacific Northwest wouldn’t be wholly unfamiliar territory. Then again, Canada was annexed by the United States in the series’ backstory, so a game taking place there could lend some “Skyrim” vibes to the proceedings. In any case, it will be interesting to see which city they choose.

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    • My mistake then, because I thought that Fallout 2 took place in California. In my vision of a Pacific Northwest Fallout, the US and Canada would be at odds, if not war, and the traveler would have to infiltrate the magical and still-standing city of Vancouver. Ah, well. There are plenty of great North American spots that would make for the perfect Fallout game. Next time round, I’m sure they’ll pick a good one.

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      • Actually, most of the game does take place in northern/central California (you even get to visit San Francisco); it’s just that the top of the map happens to be in southern Oregon.

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        • Ah, I was not imagining things! 🙂 Honestly though – Northern California + SF – what a great location for a game like Fallout. That would be one worth revisiting.

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