Listmas 2017: Six Favorite Musical Themes from Ace Attorney 1-3

With the first three Ace Attorney under my belt, Listmas proved to be the perfect excuse to revisit one of my favorite things about the games: their soundtracks. In this #Listmas2017 post for Virtual Bastion, I highlighted two my favorite tracks from each game. It all made for a very merry list!


With the first three Ace Attorney games squared away, Listmas gives me the perfect excuse to talk about one of my favorite aspects of these games – their amazing soundtracks! With regards to games such as these where no voice acting is present, soundtracks become paramount in creating both atmosphere and character. Certainly, written dialogue goes a long way in establishing form as well, but various musical themes help to define action, whether by elevating or deflating it. I’m happy to say that the music in the first three Ace Attorney games does not disappoint. In fact, I’ve added them to my regular listening roster simply because they contain lots of incredible music! The challenge here was to whittle down these rich soundtracks to just a handful of favorites. To keep all things Listmas manageable, I limited myself to picking only two games from each soundtrack. Folks, it wasn’t easy…

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