A gaming update, updated…oh, you get the idea

It’s been a couple months since my last one of these, right? Yeah, I could probably go back and check, but my mind’s set on doing another gaming update regardless, and I can’t say that I have much more to say than that, so…tally ho!

Recently completed

Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II

I’m throwing all things Dragon Age together because I kinda threw the two games together anyway, what with playing one right after the other (which is totally the way to go). So yeah, Dragon Age, huh?

Spending extended time with Mass Effect (Andromeda and the original trilogy) early in the year made me curious to revisit BioWare other big set of games involving swords and adorable wardens and dragons. (Y’know, because BioWare hasn’t come out with anything else. Nope nothing else at all. …. …) After starting DA:O sometime in September, a big swath of time opened up in October and the start of November that allowed me to complete both games in short order. I now must admit that as much as I love saving the galaxy with Commander Shepard and her merry band of misfits, Dragon Age has the better story. Don’t get me wrong – the Reapers are serious business! But DA’s writing is better by leaps and bounds. And so much of that has to do with the game’s carefully crafted lore. DA’s world is deep, rich, and fantastical, and there’s simply so much to discover about it. Think you have that sly witch Morrigan figured out? Think again after discovered a crucial part of her past. Think that Knight-Commander Meredith is simply a power-hungry fiend? Think again after Kirkwall’s fate lies near ruin. There are twisty moments in Mass Effect, surely, but few of those twists revolve around the characters. Dragon Age is all about the characters and who they interact with the world and each other. That additional layer make the series rise a bit above that other grand space opera.

Goddamn, if I couldn’t  just go on and on! But I won’t, because I already did in these posts:

Dragon Age: Origins Redux
Dragon Age II Redux

Metal Gear Acid

The never-ending game project from hell.

I jest, but only a little. Since my previous game projects had only spanned a few months each, I really thought that I’d have Metal Gear Acid in the bag in about the same amount of time. I didn’t expect that recording the game would add so much more time, but I’m stupid and optimistic sometimes, so there. It goes without saying, however, that I really enjoyed the game. I enjoyed it so much more than I expected. So much so that I’d like to continue to explore the Metal Gear universe at some point. (I did download an emulation of Metal Gear Acid 2, but I’ve only just made it past the very lengthy tutorial. Like, it was seriously, and annoying, looooooong.) You can find my officially official thoughts on the game and the recording process here:

Ac!d Commander: Final Thoughts

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations

Guys, when I started playing the Phoenix Wright games earlier this year, I honestly did not think that I’d enjoy them as much as I have. I mean, I figured that I’d have a pretty good time based on what I had heard about them, but never did I think that I’d become a fan. Well, slap my ass in a blue suit, here I am, a fan. I’ll refrain from gushing like a giddy schoolgirl here, because I already let loose over on Virtual Bastion:

Ace Attorney 3 lives up to its name

In progress

Dragon Age: Inquisition

As I think I already explained, after DAII, I picked up the GOTY edition of Inquisition on the cheap for the PC. Within moments of completing the download, I created my brand new inquisitor – a female, Qunari mage – and I set off into the wilds of Thedas, battling demons and all that jazz. If I thought that the experience would be too familiar, given that I’d only completed Inquisition for the first time a couple years ago, I was only partially correct. At this point, I’m more than halfway done with the primary quests of the main game, and while some things have felt too familiar. (why are there so many fucking giants in the Emerald Graves?!) I’ve found lots of new spaces in which to revel. I’ve delved hard into side missions, but plenty remain. My aim has been to take my time and complete as much as I can, and it’s been paying off. While the game’s flaws remain, and there are many, I think my initial attitude towards the game has softened. I’m enjoying most the exploration of lore, which I completely ignored the first time around. In fact, I’m realizing that I ignored so much during my first playthrough that I probably did myself a disservice. I hope to fix that.

Also, Sera. Beez-to-the-kneez if she ain’t the most entertaining companion EVER.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Even though I can’t claim to be an avid follower of South Park anymore (I think I stopped watching the show religiously around season 5), I l-o-v-e- the South Park games. Yes, there are only two of them, and I adore them both. However, The Fractured But Whole really hits it out of the park in terms of over-the-top social commentary. The Stick of Truth was a fun send-up of fantasy RPGs set in the world of South Park. The Fractured But Whole transcends “haha, video games” and takes a scathing approach to addressing societal issues at-large, from race relations to law enforcement to immigration.  While a few of the game’s scenarios are a bit on the nose, even for South Park, I’ve been remarkably surprised at a number of the game’s unexpected avenues.  As I near the game’s finale, I already can’t wait to play it again.

Persona 3 Portable

So here’s one from left field, eh? Actually, there’s no grand story here. Having completed my mobile time with both Metal Gear Acid and Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, I was simply looking for something else to play during my commutes. Persona 4 sparked my interest in the Megami Tensei/Persona series, and I once spent a little time with Shin Megami Tensei, but I didn’t really connect with its unusual story. P3 Portable came highly recommended from a number of sources in terms of gameplay and accessibility, so…why not? Nothing major to report on yet, but I am liking it. It’s oddly addicting, as it requires balancing your students’ school/social life with…combating shadows in a giant tower? Yep, that’s what it’s all about.

On the horizon

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Christmas arrived early this year thanks, in part, to my wonderful husband. “C’mon, you have to play Breath of the Wild, right?” he said to me after watching me pine for the game from afar since its release. I figured I’d get it at some point, of course, but now, I don’t have to because it’s already here! As for GTA: San Andreas…well, that was my Christmas present to myself. Looking ahead into early next year, there aren’t many game releases catching my eye, save for We Happy Few, which is supposed to be fully released (i.e. out of Early Access) in April. Whether or not it will pan out, I don’t know, but I figured that I’d simply immerse myself in DA:I until then. However, now I have options, and two damn fine ones at that! I might take a break from Thedas over Christmas to hit the streets of San Andreas. However, knowing what I know of Breath of the Wild (I haven’t totally been living under a rock called BioWare this past year), it’s extremely tempting as well. Either way, it’s a win-win, I think.

So, yeah. Not too bad considering the time of year. My gaming time this month is has already dwindled down considerably, what with holiday things and stuff and what not. I’ve planned in some extra “me time” here, so my hope is that I’ll be able to catch back up in short order come the new year. I’d like to finish South Park soon, and working through DA:I and all its DLC will likely keep me busy for a few months to come. Deciding what to play next is always burbling in the back of my mind. Fallout 3, Killer7, Bioshock 2, and revisiting the original DisHonored are a few standouts. I’d love to make some decent headway through my Steam library, but so does everyone.  And I might make an actual effort to get through, if not Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 in full, then at least Kingdom Hearts. There’s also Metal Gear Acid 2, which I would like to play, but I think P3 Portable will take precedence.

[sigh] Hard to believe that 2018 is just around the corner. Seems like the mantra “too many games, too little time” will remain my mantra throughout.



  1. Yay Dragon Age!! I just completed my 4th playthrough of DA II yesterday. It was fun but the repetitive environments were starting to annoy me a bit around the last act. That ending though… wow. I haven’t played Inquisition yet so that’s next on my agenda. I’ll have to wait until the 27th since I’m going away for the holidays and don’t want to start it now.

    San Andreas is my all-time favourite GTA game! Have fun 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I snuck a peek into San Andreas this past weekend, and hoo boy, I can already tell I’m gonna enjoy it! (Though, it is going to take me a little time to get past the dated graphics.)

      I hope you enjoy every minute of DA:I! …well, maybe not e-v-e-r-y minute, because it contains some pretty questionable minutes, but I’ll be excited to read about your playthrough of it. Happy holidays! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like the Ace Attorney series, and Trials and Tribulations is certainly one of the stronger entries. Some believe it to be the pinnacle of the series, but I feel the original, the sequel to Investigations, and Spirit of Justice all have an advantage over it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, interesting. As for the later games, I will have to find out for myself, I suppose, once I get the inkling to return to the series.

      Of the three original games, I think I like the 3rd one the best, simply because I really enjoy the way the story unfolds (even if that unfolding isn’t really revealed until more than halfway through the game…or maybe I’m just slow, haha). That said, that final case in Trials and Tribulations was soooooo loooooong. It kept my interest, but only barely at times.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on your progress! I’ve played through Dragon Age Origins, Awakening, and Inquisition numerous times (I actually made a female human to romance Sera on my 2nd go since she was so fucking rad!), but never played Dragon Age 2. It’s on my backlog for 2018, though! I also added Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic.

    P3 Portable was a pretty great version of the game, so I’m glad you’re digging it. P3 FES on PS2 is worth checking out as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooo, KotOR is in my backlog, as well. Not sure if I’ll get to it anytime soon, but at least it’s there!

      I highly recommend DAII. As with other DA games, it’s not without its own set of issues, but it’s quick, contained, and not too difficult to get through. And it’s got a fantastic little story, besides.

      P. S. As with Solas, I’ve been great at screwing things up with Sera…and not in a good way, haha. Last time round, I tried to romance her, but I just ended up pissing her off. This time, she and my Inquisitor actively don’t see eye to eye, so she hates my guts now. I swear that someday I’m going to do right by her! And Solas, too.

      Before I started P3P, I went back and forth between getting it and the version for the PS2. The portable version won out only because it’s, well…portable. It’s such an intriguing game! I’m hoping that it might eventually lead me to Persona 4, and beyond.


      • I had that same issue with Sera and had to back up a few hours to follow a guide. Apparently she hates elven characters AND being asked about her elvish heritage. She really just likes pranks, flirting, and sticking it to the man. My first time around was as an elf and male, so I had to go for someone else. Romanced Cass instead because she’s clearly beautiful, but I wanted to romance Sera so bad! She’s just so much fun to be around lol.

        I played a bit of KOTOR on the original Xbox (as with Jade Empire) but I’d like to revisit them on PC with mods and such to iron out the kinks and modernize them a bit. I did all of my Dragon Age and Mass Effect playthroughs on console as well, so I’ll likely give their next runs a go on PC instead.

        Liked by 1 person

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