Listmas 2017: Five “New” Discoveries I’ve Made While Replaying Dragon Age: Inquisition

It’s Listmas, y’all! Yes, it’s that fanciful time of year where we take a break from our regularly scheduled programing into order to have fun with lists! Over on Virtual Bastion, we kicked off #Listmas2017 with some great stuff, and here’s my first entry for the month. As I’m quite thoroughly replaying Dragon Age: Inquisition, here’s my list of some of the “new” things I’ve discovered while revisiting Thedas.


In early 2015, I ran through Dragon Age: Inquisition — quite literally, I mean, at about fifty hours of play. I sped around Thedas, did away with all the enemies, and saved the day. That was that, and I moved on. I didn’t give the game much thought again until recently when I replayed Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. Both replays proved to be much richer than my initial playthroughs, so I wanted to see if the same might happen with DA:I. So for my second time with Dragon Age: Inquisition (which will, this time, include all the DLC) I’m doing a far more thorough playthrough. As such, I’m discovering all sorts of small surprises that I had overlooking, ignored, or otherwise missed. The game remains an unfortunate slog at points, but uncovering new bits and pieces of its world has helped the slog become…well, less sloggy…

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