My Gaming Nemesis: Kingdom Hearts

There are games that you love, and then there are games that you *want* to love but don’t. Like, no matter how hard you try, the two of you just cannot get along. That’s how it is with me and Kingdom Hearts, as I wrote about in this post for Virtual Bastion. It’s long been a game (a series now) that I want to enjoy so much more than I do. And like any good nemesis, it will remain as such until I defeat it. And I shall defeat it! Someday. Oh yes. I will.


Last week, The Duck of Indeed published a great article on tackling her gaming nemesis, Super Mario World. She was not wrong in recounting just how difficult a game it was…and still is. (I tried my hand at it not too long ago, and oh, it’s cute, but it is not as easy as I remember.) Her article inspired me to regale the Internet (lucky you) about my current gaming nemesis:

Kingdom Hearts.

Yes, that spirited mash-up of Disney and Final Fantasy that captured the hearts and minds of many a PlayStation 2 owner not too long after the turn of the millennium. I was certainly among them, though not immediately. I found myself with a copy of Kingdom Hearts sometime during aught-three, right when I was on the cusp of starting grad school. At the time, Kingdom Hearts provided me with a great outlet for any…

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  1. I played and beat kingdom hearts tons of times. More then I can count. I really love the series, but it is pretty hard to go back and play it again. I recently tried when all the buzz for Kingdom Hearts 3 was generated during E3 last year, and though I finally did it, I did find it pretty hard to get back into it.
    Maybe I’m just spoiled by modern graphics and gameplay…who knows.

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    • Yeah, I get that. To me, playing the game today, it feels…mushy. Like, just not terribly precise. Even just battling basic enemies feels very hit or miss, and leveling up doesn’t seem as great as I remember. I would like to try to get through the game before the third one comes out, but I’m not exactly biting the bullet to do so. But I love hearing from people who like the series – it helps to re-light that fire, at least a little bit. 🙂


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