Ac!d Commander: An Uneventful Interlude

This is my new game project: “Ac!d Commander.” It involves Metal Gear Ac!d for the PSP. Rather than being in written form, I decided to do an actual Let’s Play, making videos and everything. I’ll be posting one to three new videos every Friday from today until the game is over. I welcome any comments and discussion. Apologies in advance for any audio hiccups, video malfunctions, or other jackassery, which will surely ensue.

Metal Gear Ac!d is a study in contrasts. Some levels have Snake and Teliko (and me) at their wits ends in tried to maneuver around and through enemy lines. And some levels, like the one featured here in episode 26 of Ac!d Commander (just one video this week, again), are rather like filler. The mission is simply to get from one end of a space to the other. Yeah,. there are a few enemies in between, but they aren’t especially difficult. Not that I’m complaining, because something loud usually follows something quiet.



  1. I like Metal Gear, tactical titles and card games. This looks like my cup of tea. Shame that it doesn’t seem to be available on Vita, like some PSP titles are.

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    • Oh, I bet that the game would have found a new audience on the Vita. I’ve had quite a good time with it, and I’m looking forward to finally wrapping it up!

      (I’ve only been playing the emulation here [finally found our PSP…alas, the power cord is nowhere to be found], but it works well enough.)

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