Tricks, Treats, and Feats: Super Mario 64’s 120 Stars

Over on Virtual Bastion, our month-long “Tricks, Treats, and Feats” celebration continues! In this post, I waxed nostalgic on one of my most important gaming feats (if, perhaps, my ONLY gaming feat), obtaining all 120 stars in Super Mario 64. Twas a very special feat!


When The Duck, Hatm0nster, and I were knocking around ideas for our “Tricks, Treats, and Feats” series, a big, personal question stuck in my mind.

“What are my gaming feats?”

Ye olde dictionary describes a “feat” as “an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength.”

Inasmuch as strength isn’t really a part of gaming, unless we’re talking mental acuity or physically holding a controller for hours on end, I overlooked that part of the definition. The same went with courage. (Although, with that in mind, perhaps my greatest gaming feat will someday be beating DOOM 3…I just…can’t…) So that left me with “skill,” rightfully a regular aspect of gaming. One needs to develops one’s skills in and with a game in order to beat it. And with the development of skills comes mastery. Have I ever harbored mastery over a game?

After thinking on that for a while…

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