VB on YT: “Nostalgic Notions” Returns!

As terrible as things might be going with my own attempt at a Let’s Play, Virtual Bastion’s YouTube channel has been soaring! Aaaaaaand…not that I’m patting myself on the back or anything, but…

“Nostalgic Notions” is back! WOOHOO!

(awaits grand flourishes)

(even the crickets are sleeping)


Alright, alright. So never mind with the excitement. However, if you do enjoy watching retro gaming in 15 minute increments with no promises of achievement or graciousness, then this might just be the series for you. I’ve contributed a couple “Nostalgic Notions” series to the channel before, but this one is extra-special because it involves a bunch of games that I know and love (and might even remember how to play) from the five primary Namco Museum volumes. Here’s the first video from the new series, which features the all-seeing and all-knowing Pac-Man.

If you’d like to follow along (I’d sure appreciate the company), I’ll be posting these video every Sunday around noon until all the volumes are complete. I’ll also be posting them to my own Gaming Videos page, and, as well, they’ll also be featured each week in Virtual Bastion’s YouTube Highlights series, which goes up every Friday. Stop on by, and show a little support if you like what you see. Any and all love is certainly welcome. 🙂

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