Unpacking Shadow of the Colossus [Part 2 of 2]

Following up from last week, this is part 2 of my summary of my first-time experience with Shadow of the Colossus. To ride the roller coaster of emotions, click on over to Virtual Bastion for the full article.


This post contains spoilers! If you’ve not played this game and want to, check back after you’ve done just that. Meanwhile, there’s plenty else to do…like, watch Virtual Bastion on YouTube. This is the second half of what turned out to be a very long article, so click here to read the first half.

The next colossi proves…peculiar. It’s the smallest one Wander’s met so far; he nearly stands eye-to-eye with it. And it looks and moves like a large cat. TL;DR the battle leaves a bad taste. This colossi is more interested in Wander generally, and makes more attack moves, it seems, but I also discover that it’s scared of fire. “Scared” being the key word there, because up until now, I never saw any of the colossi in that light – being scared of Wander? With torches in Wander’s hand, I’m able to push the beast away…

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