Is…is that a new Street Fighter EX game?

So it looks like we’ll soon be welcoming to the fighting game ranks a new Street Fighter EX game.

…get hype?


That’s exactly what I stammered upon seeing this the other day:

It HAS to be, right? Those characters, that music…ahhh…the memories.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to blather on about my history with Street Fighter or the middling relationship I have with Street Fighter EX 3 (the only SF EX game I’ve played), mainly because I’ve been there, done that. (Though, I will shamelessly plug our YouTube channel where you can check out the one Street Fighter EX 3 video that I made before our PS2 died.)

But there are a couple interesting things about this right and ready teaser, which was just shown at EVO 2017. The first is that the “Street Fighter” name is nowhere to be found. And neither is Capcom — the original Street Fighter EX series was collaboration between Capcom and Arika, a company that was formed in the 1990s by former Capcom…

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