All the games I didn’t buy, and one I did, from Steam’s Summer Sale

This year’s Steam summer sale has come and gone. (Now, tis but a memory…) This sale, and it’s wintertime sister, don’t quite hold as much magic for me as they once did, but they are still fun to peruse. This summer I expended my pennies on one game only, and I saved the rest for a rainy day. If you like frugality, then check out this article I wrote for Virtual Bastion about all the money I didn’t spend during Steam’s Summer 2017 sale!


Last week, Steam’s hallowed Summer Sale began. Yes, that one of two times a year when folks can pick up a plethora of games, mostly old(er) but sometime new, for pennies. Though my wallet would like otherwise, I am not immune to Steam’s charms during these sales. In the past, I’ve used the Summer Sale to clean out my wishlist of most of the 99-cent to ten-dollar steals that pop up in order to have plenty to play over the fall and winter. (Until Steam’s Winter sale, when again my wallet cries out in agony, and I silence it ever so gently with a “shhh, it’ll be alright.”)

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