Into the Chaos: Borderlands 2

You know when you start playing a game that you think you’re not going to enjoy, and it turns out that not only do you enjoy it, but it affects your entire outlook on games? That was my experience with Borderlands 2. Head on over to Virtual Bastion for the full article.


Borderlands 2 and I shouldn’t have gotten along. It’s an first-person shooter, and a fairly aggressive one at that. It strongly suggests the addition of teammates. It’s tiredly open-world. It contains only limited role-playing elements. There are no difficulty options. Its story seemed to require prerequisite knowledge from the first game.

Well, what’s that they say about not judging a book by its cover?

Turns out that I had Borderlands 2 all wrong.

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  1. You should check out Tales from the Borderlands, if you haven’t done so already. All the charm of the Borderlands universe without that pesky FPS gameplay.

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    • I’ve not played Tales from the Borderlands, but I’d really like to. I briefly considered getting it in the last Steam sale, but didn’t. Maybe the next one. Or the next…

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