A gaming update, updated!

A few months back, I offered up a round-up of games that I had recently played or been playing. It was good; I liked it. It made me feel much more accomplished than I thought it would. And I think it’s something I’m going to try to do every few months, or thereabouts. (Probably without the “Play or Pass” references, unless I picked up something based off that series specifically.) Starting with this poorly titled post. Maybe I’ll come up with something snazzier eventually. Maybe not. I really don’t know. And as you can see, I’m having a damn near awful time with this introduction, so let’s just let on with the games, shall we?

Recently completed

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Earlier this year, I started playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for no good reason. I was simply curious. Curious to play something beloved by many and something outside my normal gaming realm. Sure enough, I became hooked. I know I have a ways to go with the series — I picked up the second game not too long ago, though I’ve yet to really sink my teeth into it — but it’s very possible that I’m becoming mildly obsessed with it already. See, after I completed the game, I went back and sped through its last case, “Rise from the Ashes,” just for the hell of it. And you know what? The game is bananas, yo. I remain terrible at understanding the game’s logic, and yeah, some of the writing is super odd, but all that lends to the game’s appeal and charm.  Like, the characters in the game make just enough sense to belong within that universe, but the overall bizarre nature of the cases almost makes it feel like you’re playing something subversive. It’s a wacky feeling, and one that I don’t think I could prescribe to any game I’ve ever played.

Also, I fucking l-o-v-e the soundtrack. I just want it in my ears all the time.

For more, I wrote plenty about Nick and Maya and the crew over on Virtual Bastion.

Launching in to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright: Ace Update!
Phoenix Wright: Ace Finale!

Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2

At the end of my first gaming update post, I made a passing reference to the original Mass Effect trilogy. At the time my thought was that, since I had decided to give in to Mass Effect: Andromeda, it would be kinda cool to play through the original trilogy first. But with only a couple between between then and the release of MEA, I knew that there was really no way I’d be able to complete all three games. So I came up with an idea: speed plays! And rules. Because ya gotta have rules if you’re going to ignore most of what makes a game in order to simply get from the opening scenes to the ending credits. While I didn’t get through all three games, I did get through the first two. The experience is far too voluminous to summarize here, so do yourself a favor and go on over to Virtual Bastion (again) to check out the many words I put there about speeding through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

What is an RPG without the “R” and the “P”? [Part 1 of 2]
What is an RPG without the “R” and the “P”? [Part 2 of 2]

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Holy cripes on toast! Mass Effect: Andromeda?! Oh yeah, good people, it is. And y’know what? You should probably have Virtual Bastion bookmarked, followed, and all up in yo’ grill if you want to read my ultra-mega-rad spoiler-free review of it.

77 Hours Later, and Mass Effect Andromeda is in the Bag


Borderlands 2

Okay, so. Because of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect: Andromeda, Borderlands 2 kinda got put on hold. I’ve only played it infrequently over the past few months, but I think I’m getting near the end of the main story. Maybe. Or, it seems like the story is starting to climax. (Though, let’s be honest, the whole game is like a hard-on, so who am I kidding. Goddamn if it still isn’t the most enjoyably raucous game that I’ve ever played. And I do mean that.) I’m sitting at level 25 and I just completed the mission “Where Angels Fears To Tread.” (Hoo boy, that BNK3R was a bitch to take down.) Yes, I love the game. And yes, of course I want my own personal Claptrap. And sure, I wish I could be as radically cool as Zer0, but what’s a gal to do but jump back into the fray?

None of that made any damn sense. What I’m tryin’ to say is that I’m getting back into Borderlands 2 now that I’ve finished Mass Effect: Andromeda. I probably should have just started with that.

Metal Gear Ac!d

It only just occurred to me that I completely forgot to mention Metal Gear Ac!d last time. I’ve no idea why because I’ve been playing it pretty steadily, obviously. Though the state of this game project may change. I worried (too much) about this in a previous post concerning recording and renovations. Well, I’ve been able to keep playing, but I know it’s on borrowed time. The thought that keeps itching my skull is that I won’t be able to complete the game. Or rather, that I’ll only be able to get to a certain point within the game and then will have to put the whole thing on pause. Really, this is a thing that only bothers me, because it’s not like I’m making a living off my playthrough of Metal Gear Ac!d. (HA!) But I do hate starting something and not completing it. For now, I think I’ll be able to keep the series going through the bulk of the summer. Or that’s my hope anyway. I’ll really just have to see how things play out. For now, however, videos go up every Friday, and the whole shebang is over on my YouTube channel.

So what’s the horizon? Hell if I know! Nah, that’s just me being dramatic. Of course I have a plan, because I’m dumb like that. Though I guess “plan” is overstating things as I really only have a few general ideas of where I want to go next, namely DisHonored and/or Bioshock 2. The only thing is that I’d prefer to have a non-first-person-perspective game going as I finish up Borderlands 2, so…maybe Shadow of the Colossus? Or maybe it’d be good to wrap-up something a little shorter, like that first season of The Walking Dead that I started ages ago? Hmm. Come to think of it, it’s been awhile since I looked at my Steam library…maybe something’s hiding in there that I’m not thinking of? Of course, I bet a Steam summer sale is coming up…don’t need to suddenly be compelled to spend money that I don’t have on games that I don’t need. But…I also really want to pick up those Kingdom Heart remix games at some point. Though, The Last of Us is sitting right there, glaring at me with its glorious eyes…

…ah, shit, yo. Ain’t it great to be a gamer?


    • I really can’t believe how much I’ve fallen for the soundtrack. It just hits all the right notes, haha! I’ve only managed to get about an hour into the second game at this point, but I hope to carve out some time soon to really sink my teeth into it. Can’t wait!

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  1. I enjoy these summary posts and also have become intrigued with the speed run style of the Mass Effect games. Might have to try such a strategy for older series of games I want to quickly catch up on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m starting to think that as well — doing speed runs of older games just to catch up. It can be tough when the game offers meaty sidequests and such, but it’s not impossible. I really thought that ME1 and ME2 would be a little dull without all the side missions, but the opposite proved to be true. Good on Bioware for that.

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