Ac!d Commander: Climb Every Mountain

This is my new game project: “Ac!d Commander.” It involves Metal Gear Ac!d for the PSP. Rather than being in written form, I decided to do an actual Let’s Play, making videos and everything. I’ll be posting one to three new videos every Friday from today until the game is over. I welcome any comments and discussion. Apologies in advance for any audio hiccups, video malfunctions, or other jackassery, which will surely ensue.

So after a lull in the action, which remained full of all kinds of sniper-ing, nonetheless, this week, Ac!d Commander kicks back into gear as Snake and Teliko continue their search for Flemming, who’s now also being hunted by former big boss, Leone? Let’s just call it the strangest threesome of our time and carry on with our daring duo through some mountains. Which are complete with bad dudes on gun-toting sleds! Wait…seriously? Fuck me.


  1. I played MG on PS3. It’s almost all stealth, isn’t it ? ( I didn’t finish the game. Ugh, I found it a bit difficult . I hope to pick it up again soon. ) Metal Gear is one of my brother’s all time favorites. I watched him play the whole series, from MG1 to 4….. it’s awesome ( and I though it was an easy game. My brother played it like it was so easy )

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    • This is my first Metal Gear game, but I’m pretty sure that stealth is at the core of the series. I’ve seen people who make the games look so easy too, and I know they’re more difficult than they seem. Even with Metal Gear Acid and its card-based system, I’m having a hard time being stealthy all the time. It’s just not that easy! 🙂


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