The Dark Crystal…resurrected??!!

Guys. Guys. Guys. GUYS! … … guys.

Guys…look, sorry for the brief pop-in; I don’t have time to stay this morning. But, did you see the teaser for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance? I’m…I’m utterly besides myself.

In case you didn’t know (and you probably didn’t since I don’t think I’ve discussed it directly here), I love The Dark Crystal. I could literally write a book about my gushing fandom for it, Jim Henson, and the Muppets generally, but seeing this had me totally psyched! And I’m not one to get psyched about much of anything, let alone something new on Netflix, because some new on Netflix seems to get released every damn week. But this, if it is the resurrection of The Dark Crystal in its original form, complete with the sights and emotions of actual puppetry, without a “C,” G,” or an “I” in sight, then I’m all in.


Many similar ventures to recapture a long lost something have failed miserably. So while the obsessed kid in my is doing cartwheels over the mere thought of spending quality time with Skeksis and Gelfings again (and oh…the music. The! Music!), the adult me remains cautiously optimistic. Giving the care to the source materials that’s evident in the trailer, I can’t imagine that anyone would want to ruin Jim Henson’s legacy with this. But, no one will know until the show is released.

Dear Jim Henson Company and all involved studio executives,

Lord have mercy in heaven on high, please, please, please don’t fuck this up.

Yours truly,
A fan


  1. I’m all in, I’ve always wanted more of that world. Now, if we could get Netflix to bring back The Storyteller too, I’d be beside myself with joy.

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    1. Oh man, The Storyteller! That was such a fantastic series. I’ll be all for bringing that back as well. If The Dark Crystal does well, maybe we’ll see more muppetry once again! 😀

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      1. I’m all for old school practical special effects that use real world things instead of CGI. I like CGI but it’s over used and often never gives that illusion things are real. My favourite thing about the old star wars is that built such big awesome tots basically to film the ships and blow them all up.

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  2. Yeah, on the one hand “woohoo” and all that! On the other hand, though – the nightmares, oh God the nightmares!

    Like, I loved the original and watched it many, many times, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t freak me the fuck out at the same time. I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to go through that again…..

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    1. You can do it! 😀

      So, when I was a kid, I went through a period where I regularly experienced nightmares. As such, my parents forbade scary movies. However, The Dark Crystal was not among them, and you’re right, it has some pretty scary moments. But I don’t remember being scared of the movie; I was simply enthralled by it. Personally, I hope that this new version toes that frightening line at least a little. If it becomes the Teletubbies version of The Dark Crystal, then I’m out.

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      1. I think I had some weird thing with “bad” puppets* specifically. Even the bad ones from Fraggle Rock used to freak me out too.

        *which wasn’t great growing up in the 80s, to be honest. Because pretty much everything was puppets!

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