Ac!d Commander: Snake works better alone, anyway

This is my new game project: “Ac!d Commander.” It involves Metal Gear Ac!d for the PSP. Rather than being in written form, I decided to do an actual Let’s Play, making videos and everything. I’ll be posting one to three new videos every Friday from today until the game is over. I welcome any comments and discussion. Apologies in advance for any audio hiccups, video malfunctions, or other jackassery, which will surely ensue.

What a week! (I say that both the rhetorical sense and in the omfg-I’m-so-glad-it’s-Friday sense.) I’ve got two, yes two Ac!d Commander episodes up and ready for eyeballs one and all. Last time round Snake discovered that Teliko was a big fat liar who was only after Pythagoras the whole time. With her betrayal out of the way, now Snake is back on his own again, ready to get all stealthy and infitrate-y and shit. Onward to Ebro Tower! (By way of another minefield. Always with the minefields.)

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