Welcome to the Internet, Virtual Bastion!

And who says change is bad? Well, United We Game certainly doesn’t…er, didn’t…and that why it’s changed! United We Game is now Virtual Bastion!

In a nutshell, Virtual Bastion represents our (that would be me, The Duck of Indeed, and Hatm0nster) new outlook on what United We Game became. We established that site with a specific mission in mind – to bring together gamers and game bloggers. Since then, not only has the gaming community evolved (in ways positive and not), but our own visions of what it means to a gamer today have also changed. Virtual Bastion remains an inclusive space, one where we hope to further promote rational discussions about games, the gaming industry, and gaming community at-large. We still represent all things gaming, but now have a new roof over our virtual heads, and we want to welcome one and all inside this bastion where games reside.

So if you’re new here, welcome! If you’ve been with us for awhile, please update your links and stick with us through this next stage in our online journey. Your support means everything, and there aren’t enough “thank yous” in the world to cover how grateful we are. Simply put, you guys are awesome. And that is all.

Find Virtual Bastion online at:

Site: virtualbastion.com
Facebook: facebook.com/virtualbastion
Twitter: twitter.com/VirtualBastion


    • Thanks. 🙂 It was time a for a change, and we hope that what we present fulfills at least that. Thankfully, we have an awesome community that’s full of inspiration!

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