Five on Shuffle, #3

Welcome to my new monthly series called “Five on Shuffle” where I attempt to reconnect with my iPod by using it regularly throughout the year and using it only and continuously on “shuffle.” Once a month I’m going to stop at a completely random interval, snap photos of five songs in a row, and then post and write about them here. The writing may be heavy or light, depending on whether or not I’ve anything remotely clever to say about any given song in the moment.

  1. Show me Your Gratitude – L-Fudge

When I got my first iPod, and before I became heavily involved in spending ALL my money on iTunes, a preliminary order of business was to fill it with all the music we had at the time, my CDs, as well as my husband’s, which is where Soundbombing 1 originated. He has the much more storied history in Hip Hop than yours truly, so I can’t really speak to having an personal connection to this particular album, song, or artist. At most, I could see Soundbombing 1 as a decent place to start for anyone who might be interested in 1990s underground beats, though it might a little too obscure for some.

2. Come Join Us – Bad Religion

So you say you gotta know why the world goes round,
And you can’t find the truth in the things you’ve found,
And you’re scared shitless cause evil abounds,
Come and join us.

Sound timely?

These lyrics are from the mid-1990s, ancient history as far as some are concerned. And what do they mean, exactly? Is it a song about politics? About religion? About society? Or maybe just about punk rock, itself? Bad Religion’s gonna let you decide for yourself.

Also, The Gray Race? Man, that is such a damn good album. I don’t know if as strong as the band’s previous outing, Stranger Than Fiction, but it still holds its own with some fantastic tracks.

3. Flagpole Sitta – Harvey Danger

No album signaled the end of the 1990s more for me than Harvey Danger’s Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? Granted, the 90s still had a few years left, then, but even in 1997 my alternative days were fading. My musical life was taking a turn into punk and electronica; the sounds of bands like Harvey Danger just weren’t…hard enough. But that didn’t mean I was immune to catchy riffs and sarcastic lyrics — “Flagpole Sitta” excels in both camps. (I suppose it both helped and hindered that this song infested the radio for nigh on a year. Well played, Harvey Danger. Well played.)

4. Tuesday Mornin’ – Everlast

I will never not like Everlast. His brand of twangy hip hop isn’t for everyone, and some days I can’t take it either. And yet, I still adore him and his music. But that’s how fandom goes — you gotta take the good with the bad. His 2008 album, Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford, is a recent acquisition (yes, I do still buy music every now and again), and I remain on the fence with it. Parts of the album sound too poppy, and parts too remorseful. Tuesday Mornin’ hits the latter. It revisits a sullenness that he expressed much more eloquently on previous albums. Still, it’s not a bad song, but it’s not a great one either.

5. Boom Boom Wow (DJ Megamix) – Black Eyed Peas

LOL. The Black Eyed Peas. Fuckin’-a, man

That’s what I think every time this song rolls around. The long and the short of the inclusion of this particular song stems from a recommendation. A recommendation from a very good friend of mine with whom I share similar musical tastes. At the time I acquired this remix, I had only heard snippets of “Boom Boom Pow,” a song with minimal appeal and maximum drivel. Ugh. It’s insipidness astounds. So when this good friend said that it was a fun and upbeat song, one that I should take a chance on, I kinda thought he had lost his mind. But, I opted to put all my judgements aside…sort of. At least I did when I found that the song had a few remixes — in them I sought hope and found something relatively likeable.

Though it makes me die a little inside each time I hear it, christ if this remix isn’t distinctively enjoyable. And it’s perfectly brilliant getting one’s ass up to do some around-the-house chores.

P. S. My friend and I are still friends. He knows his musical shiz.

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