Ac!d Commander: Let’s get KRUNK!

OMG, I just typed “krunk.” Seriously, what the fuck? Who am I, even? And what is wrong with me?? … … …


Oh, yeah…Ac!d Commander, that’s what!

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit strapped for words at the moment. I’m tired. Like, super-fatigued, zombie-eyed, welcome-to-insomnia tired. (I don’t get insomnia often, but when I do, it’s the kind that loves you so much, it just can’t let go! The best insomnia! But the worst. Really, THE WORST.)

Christ, this is…awful. Just awful.

Look…just click the video below. Give me a moment to compose myself.

This is IT, folks! I am pleased to officially announce the start of my current game project, Ac!d Commander — a playthrough of Metal Gear Ac!d for the PSP. (Major shoutout to Hundstrasse for the initial suggestion!)

Oh, but wait…before you get too excited, there’s more! I had originally thought that I’d intersperse these videos on Wednesdays. But! As I’ve now realized that (1) this game is looooong, and (2) the videos are turning out to be longer than I thought, if I stick to the occasional-Wednesday schedule, I’ll probably be posting videos into next year. So! I’m instituting a new, temporary schedule for Ac!d Commander that starts this week. This Friday, in fact! Here’s the bullet rundown:

  • Setting aside the intro video here, I’ll be posting new Metal Gear Ac!d videos everyone Friday from February 3rd until the series is complete.
  • I’ll post at least one video every week, and possibly two or up to three. The number will depend on how quickly I can edit and upload the videos. (And really, “quickly” and “video editing,” and “upload[ing to YouTube]” don’t really go hand in hand…so…) But one video a week I think I can promise.
  • Looking at my Fridays, I think I be posting in the mornings? Question mark? Yeah, I guess I’ll say mornings, but the posting time will have to remain fluid.
  • I think that’s all. The list just looked a little sad at only three bullets. I thought I’d have more to say when I started them.
  • And I can’t end of four bullets, because four means “death.” So here’s a fifth. If I die before I finish this series, I’ll just kill myself.
  • Huh?
  • (Seven! Seven bullets! Ah-ha-ha!)
  • Did you get that last reference? If you did, you’re awesome. If you didn’t, you’re still awesome. I’m the one who’s being goddamn corny.

Metal Gear Ac!d.


This blog.

That is all.



  1. Metal Gear Ac!d: Tactical Espionage Cardgame haha I quite enjoyed watching you play through this, especially since it felt like we were discovering it together!!
    5:14 – one guard approaching, two guards approaching… *six*! *Six* guards approaching! Ah-ah-ah… (lightning flashes)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad to hear you say that (“discovering it together…”) because it’s no good being in the dark alone, haha! And I remain thoroughly confused and astounded by the game’s opening. I knew that the Metal Gear series was a little wacky, but this game seems to be off the rails already! I do hope that we have some good times ahead with all the strangeness. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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