This Blog in the Year 2017

Hey look, I avoided all the gutters! And I hope you did too.

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, it’s fine. It’s not important. None of this is important. EXCEPT. What IS important is that it’s time for me to run down the list of what I have in mind to do in the space this year. Things are going to be a little different around here, and…um…that’s all I have for an intro. Hmm, maybe not the best way to start off with the first post of the year. But c’mon, cut me some slack…I’ve been busy! I know my writing hasn’t been up to snuff lately, but I want to get back into that groove! I miss you guys. I miss reading your blogs and being part of the community. I…I *sniff* I…

*sniff sob sniff*

Just…roll the bullet points, please.

What’s not changing
  • Monday reblogs of my content from United We Game. That’s pretty much a staple, and it helps get that content out to new audiences who may not know about the site. I know I’m biased, but there’s lots of good work going on at UWG and good people behind it all. If you’re supporting the site, thank you! And if not, head over there and check things out. No pressure.
    • Oh, and I may also offer up my own thoughts/updates on Mondays, as well.
  • Wednesday posts. At this moment, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be getting back to weekly posts every Wednesday evening. I have to admit that going to bi-weekly postings for a bit was a nice respite, but I think I’m ready to go weekly again.
  • This theme. I finally found one I like. Now I just have to update the visuals on Twitter and such. Someday, right?
    • And I’m keeping Twitter. I still can’t promise that I’ll use it with any regularity (outside of blog spam), but maybe a miracle will happen this year.
      • Also, I think we could use a few miracles this year, AMIRITE??
What’s changing
  • My Facebook “page.” For the seven people who were following me on Facebook, you might have noticed that I deleted my page. Sorry, but I honestly just wasn’t making use of the the account, and I have no desire to maintain it any further. (And if you were for some reason hoping to follow me on Facebook, well, sorry about that too. I guess you can still follow me on Twitter, and maybe I’ll try to be more social there as a result of getting rid of Facebook. (Miracles welcome.)
  • Content, generally. If you caught the post I wrote last Monday, you already know that I have a video project in the works: “Ac!d Commander,” a Let’s Play of Metal Gear Ac!d. With my plan to go back to posting weekly on Wednesdays, some of these posts will feature “Ac!d Commander.” My thought now is that they’ll go up every other week, but the frequency kind of depends on how many videos I end up with. How long will each one be? I don’t know! Maybe I’ll have enough to post more frequently for a certain length of time? Or do I want to post video throughout the whole year? Too many questions, really. And there are other unknowns, too, that won’t be addressed until I actually start recording.
    • In short, I’m thinking that the blog this year will be a mix of written and video content.
  • Content, specifically about games. I’m in the process of writing an epilogue for my “Play or Pass” series, thoughts on it generally, what worked and what didn’t, so look for that next Wednesday. Beyond that, this year I’m going move most of my game-related and gaming (i.e. what I’m currently playing) discussions to United We Game. It’s been challenging writing for two blogs that, in some ways, cover the same thing, and it just makes sense to make UWG my focus for game writing, since that’s what the site is all about. Here, I’m going to continue my efforts towards more free-form and personal, covering topics within my spheres of geekdom. (Kind of like the posts I once wrote for Geek Force Network.)
    • This is not to say that I’m going to stop writing about games here, but gaming posts probably won’t take center stage anymore.
  • Content, specifically about music. While I’m not sure how my general writing will pan out exactly, one thing I do know is that I’d like to return to writing more about music. And I have a plan. It’s a monthly series called “Five on Shuffle,” and it’s another iPod based experiment, one in which I see if I can put my iPod on shuffle for a year, and then at the end of each month, stop to write about five songs that randomly appear in a row. I hope to feature the first post in this series at the end of January.
    • *fingers and toes crossed*

How’s that for a decent list? While I am looking to make at least one big change–the move to added video content–I’m hoping it’ll allow me to not only up my writing game here and on UWG, but also return to being a regular part of the blogosphere. Unfortunately, my crystal ball is in the shop, so I can’t say with any certainty how all this will go. Whatever happens, it’ll certainly be an adventure! So here’s to a good 2017 for all of us, everywhere. 🙂

As I recently tweeted (gasp!), may your 2017 be as sunny as this fuzzy feller here.


    • Our cat gets very antsy if he hasn’t has his solar recharge in awhile. And as it’s wintertime now, those sunny moments are few and far between, so he takes them when he gets them!

      I’m looking forward to changing things up this year. Just hope I’m not in over my head with everything, haha. 🙂

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  1. I tried splitting my content between two sites before and it didn’t work out. It was too much work and I wasn’t planning on dropping my blog. I wish you luck :). Is that your cat? He is beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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