“Ac!d Commander:” An Update



Why, I’m so glad you asked.

Rest assured that this oddball PSP game hasn’t been far from my thoughts over these past several months. In fact, it’s been on my mind more than ever lately because the new year is right around the corner. And my grand plan was that I’d start up this series in January or February, so…

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about Metal Gear Ac!d. But what of the project, “Ac!d Commander,” itself? Well, I have decided…

*drum roll* … … …



I don’t know that I am.

I mean, I’m kinda of excited, but I’m not yet over-the-moon-in-love with the idea. But, after considerable…err, consideration, I think it’s what the game demands.

You see, although my memories of it are rather vague, having only played a little bit of Metal Gear Ac!d before choosing it as my next game project, what I recall most is a straggling feeling of “how the hell am I going to write about this?!” It’s a card game at heart, so trying to make it sound like little more than reading a poker game out loud didn’t seem all that appealing. I made a short, and now deleted, attempt at writing about what I had experienced, and I’ll let you, it was mighty uninteresting. Little more than a series of card and movement choices.

As I thought about returning to the game, the option laid bare in front of me: why not record it? I do that now, sometimes, and I have the capabilities…if not the overall suaveness and charm of some let’s players, but still. How am I do obtain such suaveness and charm if I don’t actually record anything? After all, practice make perfect, right?


Plus, I think there’s something about Metal Gear Ac!d that simply makes it work better as a visual adventure over a literary one. It’s kind of like the difference between watching someone play Hearthstone and reading about someone playing Hearthstone — I certainly know which one I’d prefer. Watching the game play out is much more appealing.

So a Let’s Play it is! With “Ac!d Commader” as a video project I promise only this: that I will play the game to the best of my abilities and will try not to sound like a goddamn loon in the process. (I thought about doing non-commentary videos, but, eh, if I want to get used to talking during games then I better do some damn talking during games!)

I’m afraid I don’t know yet when I’ll start posting the videos, everything will depend on when I get to play AND record AND edit the videos, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to start them up sometime next month. And speaking of January, I’m pondering some further thoughts on what this blog is going to look like next year. If I can get my shit together this week, I might have more to say on that next Monday. Maybe. Or I might be lying in a gutter somewhere. Who the hell knows?

And on that note, have a safe and happy New Year’s, everyone! Don’t get too close to any gutters.


  1. Right! That’s great! I’d be interested to see your Let’s Play of this, since I tend to veer away from things that have punctuation in their names (with the exception of P!nk), but… well I’m a Metal Gear fan, so I’m in!

    Happy New Year to you, as well!

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    1. Very kind, and happy new year’s as well! I’ve never played a Metal Gear game before, and I’m not sure I’m starting with the best one, but it’s a go! Should be an interesting experience…for everyone.

      (To note, unlike with my United We Game videos, there won’t be any family-friendly filters, so I might curse…a lot. 🙂 )

      Liked by 1 person

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