UWG on YT: Yoshi’s Woolly World

It’s been awhile since I tooted my own video horn, mainly because I haven’t had much to toot about. But now…


Okay, enough with the toots.

I’m playing Yoshi’s Woolly World for United We Game! After a grand row with retro games and fighting games, I decided it was time to take a breather and enjoy a little sweet and cozy platforming fun. And nothing says “sweet” and “cozy” like the happy bundle of joy that its Yoshi’s Woolly World. So from last week, and for the next…(*counting*) bunch of weeks, I’ll be posting my Let’s Play Yoshi Woolly World videos every Tuesday. You can find them on UWG’s YouTube channel, and I’ll also be sharing them on my Gaming Videos page. I’d love for you folks to follow along, leave comments, and give all the “likes” you can muster! Sure, it’s no Battlefield 1 or Final Fantasy XV, but it’s cute. Like super-duper cute! Like, like KINKA-MAYA-MAYA CUUUUTE!

And we all need a little infusion of cute every now and again.



  1. AHH this is great! My friend purchased a Woolly Yoshi amiibo a few months ago and it was the most adorable little woolen dinosaur I’ve ever seen! Granted, I haven’t seen many, but still. At any rate, this looks like the most huggable game I’ve ever come across 🙂 Thanks for playing and posting! I haven’t been on YouTube recently (for shame) but I’ll head over there and take a look!

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    • Aw, thanks! 🙄 It is one of the cutest games around. But it’s also a really solid platformer, which is good. Because cuteness alone can’t make a game. (Or can it?) Either way, I’m happy to share it with folks, and I hope you enjoy it!

      (I’ve been after one of those Woolly Yoshi amiibos, too. Don’t collect them or anything, but that one in particular seems like a keeper!)

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