A Collaborative Look at the New Nintendo Switch

So how about all the gaming news of the past few weeks! Perhaps nothing hit harder at the end of last month than the reveal of the Nintendo Switch (once the NX). Could this remarkable device be the thing that will revive Nintendo in the console market, or will it go the way of the Wii U? Over on United We Game, The Duck, Hatm0nster, and I gave our initial thoughts on the Switch in this roundtable post.

What do you think of the Switch? Savior or stinker?


If you’ve been following along with recent gaming news, you’ll no doubt be aware of the fact that the mystery of the Nintendo NX has finally been revealed as Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch, named for its ability to, well, switch between a handheld and a console.  If you haven’t already seen it, you can find the trailer here:

Video from Youtube User: Nintendo

Pretty interesting, no?  Well, we here at UWG certainly thought so.  To celebrate the Switch’s reveal, we shall be providing you all with our initial thoughts on Nintendo’s most recent innovation in a special collaboration post.  (And, as always, please provide your own thoughts in the comments below!)

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