Yet more site news

So last Monday I announced the delay of my next game project. It’s a situation that made me less than thrilled, but life is not so kind, sometimes. That life, our lives, as we all know too well, can sometimes change on a dime, as mine did again just within the past week (all good, no bad), and it’s forced yet another decision pertaining to this here space on the Internet.  As of today I’m moving to a bi-weekly posting schedule for the remainder of the year.

Boo. Hiss. I know. The the worst part about making the decision was that, as soon as I did, WordPress informed me that I had just gained a few new followers.

Thanks for that, good people. And, sorry.

I’ve made notes about all this on my Blog Schedule page. And what all this means is that I’ll only be writing my “Play or Pass” posts for the next three months. The next one will appear on 10/19, then again on 11/2, and so on. If I’ve counted everything correctly, I should complete the list with the 32nd game (because there are 32 games on the list) at the tail end of December. I think that’s how it’ll work out, or at least how it should. Right now, I’m being hammered by life, so I’m a little dizzy. And rather than write up some shit posts as filler, I’d rather bring my A-game to the posts that I have time to write. I’ve got a pretty good number of posts in the archives, y’know, if you get bored. (Seriously though, my utmost appreciation goes out to anyone who reads my blog. 🙂 )

So…um…I think that’s about it. Well, almost. I should note that this change also affects my “iTunes Diaries” series, which I’m also placing in stasis until next year. Monday reblogs from United We Game and other reposts will still continue. Speaking of which, you’ll still be able to find me at UWG (look for new posts from us every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday [my day]) and UWG’s YouTube channel. If anyone wants to hang out with me at either of those spots, I certainly welcome the company.



    1. Exactly! I sometimes think I’m my own worst enemy when to comes to blogging. But I’d rather keep things on point than go off the rails just for the sake of keeping to my own (dastardly!) schedule. Adapt and survive, right? 🙂


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