“Ac!d Commander” delayed (by a few months, I think)

Hmmm…reading that title might make one think that I’m talking about some new game. Some new game that’s been horrifically delayed because I WANT IT NOOOOOOW, as Veruca Salt once said. But no, this post is not about a new game. It is, verily, about an old game, well…a sorta old game. “Old” is a relative term, really. I mean, when you think about it, we’re all just different shades of “old.”

I really should delete that paragraph, but fuck it, I’m already here and typing, so I’ll just get on with it, then.

TL;DR My next game project, playing through Metal Gear Ac!d, has, unfortunately, met the back burner.

I’m sure the Internet is glad to know.

Also, /sarcasm.

While I don’t necessarily wish that some sinister forces were at play (My tablet died! The game died! My hands were loped off in a dreadful sawmill accident!), they would make for a better story than…

…and I quote…

“I just don’t have the time.”

It’s my own fault, really. I like to harp on the fact that my summers seem to fill up with projects at light speed. Truth is, those weeks are remarkably free when compared to the fall/winter weeks that become mashed full of household projects and holiday obligations. Also, and not to give anything away, I’m currently working on a Let’s Play for United We Game’s YouTube channel. Long story short, video editing is a new and fresh hell for me. If I (or my computer) survive this process, look for the results over there in November.

While the act of playing Metal Gear Ac!d in and among all the madness isn’t exactly taxing, the act of blogging about the effort (which requires much more work than just gathering a few screenshots) is. So I’ve got to put my ambitions in check until the right time makes itself known. (My hope is that this will be a bad winter with repeated and lengthy snowstorms that prevent me from going outside, thereby allowing me some quality time with the game and the blog. And I don’t really hope that because I hate snow, but still, any excuse to play is alright by me.)

So that’s that. Metal Gear Ac!d will be, I think, I hope, my 2017 game project. Life is what it is sometimes — you can either adapt or be crushed. Personally, I don’t need anymore bruises.


  1. Hey, quite keen on reading about this project. got some time to kill before then.:-) Video editing can be a nightmare. I was doing it at one point, and because it wasn’t perfect or the transitions weren’t timed properly, audio ever so slightly out of sync. i would end up scraping and starting over. My total is 3 days with no sleep, video editing. I mean, Holy Hell!!

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    • Why, hello again! Very glad to see you back in action. I really hate to put this on hold for so long, because I really enjoyed Metal Gear Ac!d during my trial run, but other things have to take priority. And shit, you’re not kidding about video editing — it is soooo not my thing. I don’t know what I thought it would be like when I really started making actual Let’s Play, but it’s difficult work. And I don’t have all that much time where I can just sit, alone, with my PC to crank out new videos. It’s all a very piecemeal process. At this point, I’d take 3 sleepless days if it meant I could just be done with it!

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