Nintendo and I: Is the End is Nigh?

Ever since first discovering the NES, I thought that Nintendo and I might grow old together. But in recent years my interest in the company’s games and consoles has waned significantly. Could it be that the end between us is near? I put my worries in writing on this subject over on United We Game.

P. S. For more Nintendo musings, check out The Duck of Indeed’s recent UWG article, Pure Speculation: Will the NX Save Nintendo?


Image by Flickr user mauricio giraldo (CC)Image by Flickr user mauricio giraldo (CC)

Three years ago, I contemplated why I had not yet established a relationship with the Wii U. The console had then been out for number of months, and as a self-prescribed “super” Nintendo fan, I had yet to jump on the Wii U bandwagon. Though I was enamored with the likes of Super Mario 3D World, and the prospect of new outings from Donkey Kong and Bayonetta, a number of factors, including timing and overall lack of games, prevented me from wanting to spend money on the console then. I did eventually receive the console as a gift, and I became hopeful that our life together would blossom. Here we are not quite three years later, and…five games. That’s exactly how many games I’ve played on the Wii U since receiving the thing at the tail end of 2013:…

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