[REVISITED] The Wiimote and Me: An Onerous Ode


Following up on my most recent Twilight Princess update and the issues I’m having with the Wiimote and the Lakebed Temple boss Morpheel, I decided this week to re-share an article I wrote (from April 25, 2013) that’s all about this dastardly controller. (Actually, it was, and can be a pretty fun controller…when it works. And mine’s just not working grumble grumble…)

I hate the Wiimote.

I know people have been saying it for several years, but now I’m saying it. I hate the Wiimote. I don’t hate the Wii, just the stupid remote and nunchuck controllers. I can’t stand them. And only just recently, I caved. Finally. I bought a Classic Controller. And it is good. Oh, so, very good. Now, I still have and will regularly use my favorite, purple Gamecube controller, but not all games accept it. Heck, not all games accept the Classic…

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  1. The Wii Mote is okay for casual stuff like Wii Sport. For lengthier titles I would always opt for the classic controller if the option was available.

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    • I don’t know why it took me so long, but I didn’t get a classic controller until just a few years ago. What a difference! I don’t think I’d have been able to complete The Last Story without it. Wish it was compatible with ALL Wii games.

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