The Delay of No Man’s Sky, or, the Futility of Anger

We’re now just under a month away from the official (maybe?) release what has been promised as one of the biggest (literally?) games of the year: No Man’s Sky. Or, at least it was insanely hyped until it was delayed from June to now August. And when new of the delay came, oh how the Internet of People reacted. and reacted, in some cases, poorly. In this post for United We Game, I mused over the video game delays and our sometime knee-jerk (or just jerky) reactions to them.


Image by Flickr user John McCarthy (CC)Image by Flickr user John McCarthy (CC)

Recently, we took a trip to a local store to buy a new refrigerator.  After reviewing each fridge that the store had in stock, we made our choice. Upon seeing our selection, the salesperson that was with us heartily cried, “Excellent! I believe we have that one in stock and can deliver it to you in just a couple days!” We were overjoyed! And we started to make all sort of plans around this new appliance that would soon be in our house

Once the salesperson was ready, we hovered around the checkout station, eagerly going through all the necessary electronic forms. Only then, the salesperson frowned.

“Oh dear,” came the dejected tone, “it looks like this particular refrigerator is actually on backorder. It’ll be available in two weeks.”

Our response came quickly.

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