Random thoughts while lying in bed in a medicated state

  • I don’t know how people sleep with the covers on or over their heads. Isn’t is suffocating? I can’t stand to have anything touching my face while I’m sleeping.
  • I loathe that Buick commercial where one of the actors says “I’m what you call an ‘early adopter’.”  STFU.  Oh, I get the marketing ploy, but Buick has been around for over 100 years. So seriously, STFU.
  • I’m pretty sure that I’m 100% addicted to iced coffee. Like, I used to just want it in the summer, but now I want it ALL THE TIME.
  • I used to wear high heels, every day, and at work. At work that involved me being on my feet most of the day. I don’t know how I did that. I see young women now at my work walking around in sky-high heels, and I don’t know how they do it.
  • The initials “BFG” will NEVER stand for the “Big Friendly Giant.”  Don’t people think to Google these things before making such big choices?

  • Our nearly 16 y.o. cat recently took a scary tumble off our bed. We’re pretty sure he’s suffering from arthritis, and the poor guy hasn’t jumped on anything since. He’ll sit by things that he used to jump on, and just…sit. We’ll ferry him to some of his favorite spots, but then we have to be around to help him down. My husband says this is good preparation for me for when he gets old. Hardy har har.
  • I know I’m still a novice gardener, but I know if I’ll ever really understand gardening. Like, this year, our tomatoes just aren’t doing well, and we’ve no idea why. In the past, we’ve had tomatoes in droves. But this year, not so much.
  • Speaking of gardening, the other day, while watering, we “uncovered” a trove of baby bunnies! Like, all of a sudden, three little bunnies just popped up and scattered. Well…scattered right into the net cage that was covering the particular raised bed they were in. Trying to detangle bunnies from netting is a challenge. Terrified though they were, none were harmed.
  • I still wear an old fashioned, non-digital watch. And despite the fact that a million things surround me every day to show me the time, I simply can’t leave the house without it.
  • This year, the Democratic National Convention is being held in Philadelphia. To celebrate, the city is placing 57 painted, fiberglass donkeys around town. I like urban art as much as the next person, but still. As if it wasn’t the city of jackasses already…
  • I recently upgraded my phone to a Galaxy S7, and y’know what? It’s a damn nice phone. But it actually feels, to me, smaller than my previous Galaxy S4. And then I see people on TV with it and other similarly-sized phones, and I always think the phones look HUGE. Like, gargantuan compared to mine. Maybe my hands are huge, I don’t know.
  • I recently finished played the Mass Effect trilogy for the first time consecutively, and I fucking love those games. The feeling I have while playing them is nearly indescribable, but everything about them just clicks with me. Right now, I’m playing other games, but the desire to play ME again is constantly itching at the back of my skull.
  • Along those lines, I think that next year I’m going to aim to work through our Steam backlog.
  • Also HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fucking HA on that notion.
  • Recently saw The Martian. Loved it. Commander Lewis with her disco collection is a woman after my own heart.
  • I’m not very up on movies, in case you hadn’t guessed. These days, when I sit down for some visual entertainment, I’d rather it be something active, like a game, over something passive, like a movie or TV show.
  • That said, I’m always in the mood for some Whose Line is it Anyway? Though I do think that the show has veered into uncomfortable and creepy dick jokes territory, when it used to be more a bit more diplomatic and witty in its genitalia-related references.
  • Any of you happen to catch that Greatest Hits show? I think the first one aired last week, and it’s all about “bringing back” the songs of our “youth” or “summers” or some shit. Dude, Arsenio Hall is still alive! It was actually pretty fun until Pitbull showed up with REO Speedwagon doing “Take in On the Run.” Sonofabitchontoast, what a shitshow that was! Kinda like when your super creepy older cousin shows up at Thanksgiving with some under-aged arm candy and the two start making out on top of the turkey. Yeah.
  • Y’know what show I used to really enjoy? The Philip DeFranco Show. His take on the Internet of News was entertaining. But then he started covering lots of porn and sex stuff. I get it if that’s become his bag, but needing to know who inserted what into whom isn’t mine.
  • Sorry, I just clicked over to a recent news story about Adele cursing a bunch during a performance. Fucking really? Fuck you if this is news. Sorry Philly D., I get might just get your angle now.
  • Goddamn if there aren’t times when I don’t think I’ll ever understand anything, ever.
  • Kids these days, right?
  • Fuck texting and driving. JUST DRIVE YOU MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE.
  • And fuck slow walkers while we’re at it. YOU DO NOT NEED THE WHOLE DAMN SIDEWALK I HAVE A PLACE TO BE GODDAMMIT.
  • … oh, the yelling … … hell if I know what happened.
  • Maybe it’s bedtime, as I think things are starting to unravel more than they already have.
  • I curse a lot when I’m tired. And drunk. Which I’m not right not. Maybe?
  • And I’m probably going to regret this in the morning. Just like always.
  • G’night people. I ♥ you all.

The preceding post was brought to you by me being dumb and straining my shoulder the other day. Goddamn stupid that was. But thank goodness for pain meds, even if they temporarily mess with the ol’ thought patterns and processes.

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