Making Nice with the Twilight Prince: Update #2

Somehow, the year is halfway over, and I’m still not done with Twilight Princess. I mean, I enjoy the game well enough when I’m playing it, but, I won’t lie…my motivation for it has dwindled. I blame the Wiimote, as I do for most things in life. Still, if you’re curious as to how things are going, even if they’re going slowly, here’s my second update on the game that I wrote awhile back for United We Game.


Seeing has how it’s been awhile since I last gave an update on my progress with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, one might think that, surely, I must be almost done with the game! Well, that someone would be quite incorrect, sadly. Indeed, much of my most recent time was spent with Red Dead Redemption (and I have no regrets!). However, over the past couple months I haven’t been completely ignoring Link (wolf and human) and Midna and those dastardly shadows. I’ve managed to get a few more stray hours; and with Red Dead Redemption done, I’m looking to play a bit more regularly…mostly. I hope.

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    • The game itself is perfectly fantastic, but I dread aiming and shooting and targeting and functioning properly outside of just walking around. In other words, shoulda got the GameCube version. 😛

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      • I hear you. There were several things that bothered me about the Wii version, but most irritating of all was the stupid Navi icon on-screen. I hate that it never goes away completely, even if you’re not pointing at the screen. And when you are pointing at the screen and moving it, does it really need its own sound effect?! So unnecessary and annoying. Also let’s not forget, now there’s the option of the HD version on Wii U – probably cheaper and easier to get hold of than the Gamecube one!

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        • Yes, the HD version! I thought about that, but with the Wii version already in our stash, getting the game again seemed unnecessary when I started. While it’s not a bad a idea now, at this point, it makes sense to finish the game as is, despite the headaches.

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