Playing Games of the Past in the Present, or, Ready Player Two?

The games of today make it pretty easy to forget that video games weren’t always so awesome, complex, and expansive. In this post for United We Game, I wax on about what it’s like playing games of the past in the present. (Truth is, it’s not all that different.)


Image by Flickr user Andy Pixel (CC)Image by Flickr user Andy Pixel (CC)

It’s easy to forget that the video game industry hasn’t been around forever. In terms of mass producing games, it hasn’t even reached the half-century mark. (I cite Pong [1972] as the first mass-produced game – the choice is debatable.) And in terms of its competitors in the “sports and leisure” Trivial Pursuit category, such as, well, sports and leisure, it has quite a ways to go. It helps to keep in mind that the 40-plus year history of game mimics our own path with technology generally. Of course, there was no way my TRS-80 self with those cassettes and BASIC programs could have predicted what was to come. I was just enjoying/despising the technology that was available to me at the time. We all did, and the same was quite true of games.

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