How Have You Changed? A Response.

I love it when one blog post begets another! That’s what happened over on United We Game when a comment I started writing on Hatm0nster’s great article How Have You Changed? turned into something much more. What I ended up with was this introspective post on how my life with games has changed and evolved over the years.


Image by Flick user Satish Indofunk Image by Flickr user Satish Indofunk (CC)

Earlier this week, my colleague, Hatm0nster, wrote up an intriguing and inquisitive article titled How Have You Changed? If you’ve not read it, I highly suggest doing so before moving on, because what I have here is a response. A long response. One that started out as a comment to his article, only to develop a life of its own.

In his piece, Hatm0nster discussed the ways in which his core gaming beliefs have evolved with time, from becoming a less competitive game to becoming a more social gamer.  In various posts on this site, I’ve touched upon my own personal development as far as gaming is concerned, but here I’d like to compile a fuller picture. As well, at the end of his article Hatm0nster asked a very innocent question:

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  1. I’ve become more experimental in what I play. AAA games just don’t cut it for me anymore. Starting to look more at indie titles as they tend to be much more creative and rewarding when you play them.

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    1. Agreed. There’s a ton of talent sitting on the fringes of the “big names” game industry. And there’s always something fresh to find among odd and unusual games. Plus, as you say, the payoff with indie titles with indie games can be extremely rewarding.

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      1. The unique experiences you get from trying them is really something else. Kind of reminds me of eating from a box of chocolates. Because…….??

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