UWG on YT: Back with more classic gaming!

I think I can honestly say that if we hadn’t started up a YouTube channel for United We Game, my copy of the Activision Anthology would likely be little more than a thing on a shelf. I mean, I like classic arcade games as much as the next person, but I can’t say that I enjoy spending my Saturday afternoons with them. But that’s why I love making Nostalgic Notions videos — they give me reason to revisit the past and, as well, remember just how good it is to be a gamer today. I recently started up my second Nostalgic Notions series with the Activision Anthology with Ice Hockey from 1981, which was really just glorified Pong made more difficult by adding players and goal posts into the mix. In other words, good for 15 minutes of fun but not much beyond that.

You’ll find my video romps through classic games on UWG’s YT channel every Tuesday for the next eight weeks…well, seven now, I guess. Comments and like are very welcome. And if you want to see us keep going, hit that “Subscribe” button — thank you for the support!


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