Street Fighter V…Thanks, but No Thanks

Oh, Street Fighter V. Could we even get along had you simply been a “normal” fighting game? I’m honestly not sure, as I ponder in this United We Game post. Certainly not in your current state of providing mostly online play. For now, I’ll view (and drool) from afar, and I’ll be content with that.


Image by Flickr user iGamers Box (CC)Image by Flickr user iGamers Box (CC)

Though I wasn’t great on following its news, at some point it became apparent to me that I was going to have to pass on Street Fighter V. Maybe it was with the announcement of the new characters, F.A.N.G., Necalli, Rashid, and Laura (eh, okay). Maybe it was when I learned that there’d be no traditional Arcade mode. Maybe it was when I saw that classic characters such as Guile and Balrog (and others? Where’s Blanka? Where’s Akuma??) would be locked behind DLC walls. Though I remained excited at the prospect of a new Street Fighter game in theory, all these things left me cold. The exclusion of Arcade mode, in which you play against the computer, seemed especially wrong. Not just because that’s a staple of fighting games generally, but because it meant that the game would be…

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  1. No arcade mode is quite shocking. From what I hear the game feels unfinished. I’ll pass on giving Capcom DLC cash to get the full experience.

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